Movies based on novels by Donald Hamilton

I'm building a gallery of pressbooks, posters and other movie memorabilia from film adaptations of Hamilton's novels on this site. These pages are a work in progress. I'm also building a cover gallery of his books, a page of online references with many movie-related links, and a list of short/serial fiction and articles. If you have any movie-related images or anything else interesting that should be here, please email Mark Martinez, stcomix at mac dot com. Thanks.

Looking for something to read or watch? Here's what's in print. An e-book about the Matt Helm films, Booze, Bullets & Broads, was published in 2013.

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Posters and other memorabilia
Suspense and western Matt Helm Miscellaneous
Dead Fall
The Violent Men
   Packaging Posters
Five Steps to Danger
The Big Country
   Packaging Posters
The Silencers
   Packaging Posters Soundtracks
Murderers' Row
   Packaging Posters Soundtracks
Murderers' Row/The Silencers (double feature)
The Ambushers
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The Wrecking Crew
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Dean Martin as Matt Helm book covers
Matt Helm movie/tv tie-ins and miscellaneous stuff
Matt Helm movie magazines
Dead Fall teleplay screencaps
   based on Deadfall
Dead Fall, Suspense Season 3, Episode 22, 1951 at IMDb
Suspense TV series 1949-1954 at IMDb
Dead Fall episode summary at
Suspense TV series episode guide at
Matt Helm TV movie 1975 at IMDb
Matt Helm TV series 1975-1976 at IMDb
Matt Helm TV series episode guide at
Spielberg/Dreamworks Matt Helm pseudo-poster
Pressbooks and programs
Movie Title Alternate Title Date About It Notes
The Violent Men Rough Company (UK), The Bandits (US) 1955 IMDb, TCMdb US, based on Smoky Valley
Dolina Nasilja The Violent Men 1955? - Yugoslavia, theater program
Five Steps to Danger - 1957 IMDb, TCMdb US, based on The Steel Mirror
The Big Country - 1958 IMDb, TCMdb US, based on The Big Country
The Silencers - 1966 IMDb, TCMdb US, very loosely based on Death of a Citizen and The Silencers
Matt Helm, agent très spécial The Silencers 1966 - France
沈黙部隊 The Silencers 1966 - Japan
Leise Flüstern die Pistolen The Silencers 1966 - Austria, theater program
Ræk mig lyddæmperen The Silencers 1966 - Denmark, theater program
Réttu mér hljóðdeyfinn The Silencers 1966 - Iceland, theater program
Murderers' Row - 1966 IMDb, TCMdb US
Bien Joue, Matt Helm Murderers' Row 1967 - France
Matt Helm og den forsinkede lyddæmper Murderers' Row 1967 - Denmark, theater program
Murderers' Row/The Silencers - 1967 - US (double feature)
The Ambushers - 1967 IMDb, TCMdb US
Matt Helm Traqué The Ambushers 1968 - France
Wenn Killer auf der Lauer liegen The Ambushers 1968 - Austria, theater program
Matt Helm og de lårkorte The Ambushers 1968 - Denmark, theater program
The Wrecking Crew - 1969 IMDb, TCMdb US
Matt Helm règle son comte The Wrecking Crew 1969 - France
Matt Helm og de hårde drenge The Wrecking Crew 1969 - Denmark, theater program

Here are a few movie-related magazine articles.

Movie-related articles
Article Title Magazine or Book Title Issue Date Notes
The Silencers Author ... Boxoffice 1966-05-09 p71, photo of Hamilton and Slaygirls at the Albuquerque premiere of The Silencers
Murderers' Row Ol' Dino ... Adam 1967-02 p4-5,p82-84, pictorial article about Murderers' Row
Otra vez Matt Helm CINEavance 1967-02-11 pp51-55, pictorial article about Murderers' Row