Books by Donald Hamilton: A cover gallery

By all accounts, Donald Hamilton sold more than 20 million books worldwide during his lifetime. I reviewed the paperback editions on my bookshelves, and it occurred to me that I'd never seen other editions of Hamilton's books. A few hours of web browsing revealed dozens of books in several languages, and the hunt was on. I'm building a cover gallery of Hamilton's books on this site. These pages are a work in progress. I'm doing something similar with pressbooks and posters from movies based on his novels. There is also a page of online references with many book-related links and a detailed list of short/serial fiction and articles.

Looking for something to read? Here's what's in print.

My thanks to Ray Peters, Mike Leggett, Bruce Black BookScans, Johny Malone Una plaga de espías, Pandora's Books, and bookseller James Pickard for providing cover scans of scarce titles. Help with books written in languages that don't use the Latin alphabet would be appreciated. If you have cover scans or anything else interesting that should be added to this site, please email Mark Martinez, stcomix at mac dot com. Thanks.

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Book covers, dust jackets, bindings, and more
Suspense, western, and non-fiction Matt Helm Articles, bios, and short fiction Miscellaneous
Date With Darkness
The Steel Mirror
Murder Twice Told
   The Black Cross
Smoky Valley
   Rough Company (UK)
Night Walker
   Mask For Danger
Line of Fire
Mad River
Assignment: Murder
   Assassins Have Starry Eyes
The Big Country
   Ambush at Blanco Canyon
The Man From Santa Clara
   The Two-Shoot Gun
Texas Fever
Iron Men and Silver Stars
   The Guns of William Longley
On Guns and Hunting
   The Mile Gun
The Mona Intercept
Cruises With Kathleen

Paperbacks and Ebooks from Titan (2013-2017)
Audiobooks from Skyboat Media (2014-2019)

#1 Death of a Citizen
#2 The Wrecking Crew
#3 The Removers
#4 The Silencers
#5 Murderers' Row
#6 The Ambushers
#7 The Shadowers
#8 The Ravagers
#9 The Devastators
#10 The Betrayers
#11 The Menacers
#12 The Interlopers
#13 The Poisoners
#14 The Intriguers
#15 The Intimidators
#16 The Terminators
#17 The Retaliators
#18 The Terrorizers
#19 The Revengers
#20 The Annihilators
#21 The Infiltrators
#22 The Detonators
#23 The Vanishers
#24 The Demolishers
#25 The Frighteners
#26 The Threateners
#27 The Damagers
#28 The Dominators


   The Last Gunman
   The Guns of William Longley


Biographical info
   Saturday Evening Post
   Saturday Evening Post
   Outdoor Life
   Don in books
   Don in photos
   Don at home

   The Big Country

Magazine fiction
   Stranger's Return
   The Black Cross
   The Steel Mirror
   Mask For Danger
   Smoky Valley
   Too Soon Dead
   Mad River
   Ambush at Blanco Canyon
   The Mile Gun
   The Last Gunman

US first editions
UK first editions
Chronologies by Ray Peters
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Matt Helm in Gold Medal
Matt Helm in Coronet
US title unknown
Box sets
Cheesecake covers
Twin covers
Mock covers
Dino covers
Matt Helm illustrations
Covers by publisher
   Longanesi (IT)
   Mondadori (IT)
Covers by imprint
   Albon (CO)/Zig-Zag (CL)
   Born (NL)
   Hayakawa (JP)
   Manhattan (FI)
   Manhattan (SE)
   Matt Helm (SE)
   Parel (NL)
   Scherz (DE)
   Serie Noire (FR)
   Shocker (DE)
Covers by design
   Gun logo (Gold Medal)
   Frame (Gold Medal)
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